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Titanium Concepts & Designs Inc.

In business since 2002.
07 Manufacturer FFL

Dealer, Importer, and optics supply.

We are located in China Grove NC. Specializing in building rifles and converting demilled fully automatic submachine guns to semi-auto pistols or rifles.


A composite lower Ar-15 package for the guy that wants a good shooting AR that has a service life of about 10,000+ rounds.

[That is about 333 magazines or about $3000.00 in ammo if you shoot the cheap stuff, or $5500.00 if you shoot the better stuff, or even OVER $10,000.00 if you only shoot match grade ammo.]
Even the colts only have a grade 1 service life of 10,000 rounds.  I dont know MANY civilains that ever shoot a single gun that much (other than the cheap to shoot 10/22's, or some of the NFA harcore fellas)

So, my point for all that garble was,,,,,,,,,,,,, these composite lowers will outlast your wallets!
Standard AR-15 Rifle Package
Composite Lower with Composie FCG

M4 flat top upper or A2 attached handle upper
16" or 20" standard light weight barrel
M4 buttstock
price $600.00

Milled aluminum receiver with hardened steel FCG, with trigger job. (Can set trigger at what customer requests) 
add:  $150.00

Pre-ban threaded barrel
add: $25.00

Milled grade 5 Titanium lower reciever, with hardened polished steel FCG and a competition trigger job
add: $300.00

I can custom make any rife combination you want I just need to know to see what parts I need to order or make.

Need an AA Arms/Kimel AP-9 receiver to replace a broken one or maybe just want a spare to have to up the value of your existing AP9, well here you go, I have around 1500 of these left (1100 just came in from Classic).

$18.00 per receiver, free shipping.
(these must ship to an FFL, these are serial #ed and are considered the actual firearm. The completed guns are not for sale now, I am working on manufacturing some of the parts to start making hybrid ap9/pps43 guns)



This upper, is designed to fit a standard Mil Spec AR15 lower. Simply remove the bolt catch, buffer and spring from your lower and install this single shot 50 BMG Caliber upper. The match grade barrel is machined from Chrome moly 4140 steel, heat treated to 36 -38 Rc, 1-15 RH twist, 24" long and is of a medium weight contour. The barrel muzzle is threaded 1-12 TPI and features a recoil reducing muzzle brake. This muzzle brake is machined from bar stock and is so effective it reduces the recoil to that of a 12 ga. shotgun. The upper receiver is machined from ONE PIECE of bar stock, no castings or weldments here! The Chrome moly 4140 steel is heat treated to Rc 44 and coated in a fine manganese phosphate finish for corrosion protection and good looks. The upper receiver is topped with an M1913 Picatinny scope rail with oversized heat treated socket head cap screws for no-movement and easy scope mounting. The massive bolt head is of a 2 lug design, with a 90 degree throw. This bolt is machined from bar stock, like all the major components of this upper, from 4140 chrome moly steel and heat treated to Rc 44. It has an integral extractor and ejector and incorporates important safety features such as gas vents and hammer blocking cams to ensure safe operation. The aluminum handguard completely free floats the barrel for enhanced accuracy. This handguard is machined from aircraft aluminum and hard coat anodized for long life. The deeply knurled surface affords a sure grip. The upper comes as shown in the LOWER half of the picture. The upper half of the picture shows the upper assembled on a lower. The lower half, scope, and bipod are NOT included, just the upper assembly.

$1100.00 (upper only)
Complete with composite AR lower and M4 stock, ready to shoot.